The mission of The Lead Hive Company is to provide a platform for the youth of our country to refine and advance their communication skills and learn professionalism through a dynamic and real-time environment that helps them gain stability in their financial roles that they play in our society. The company aims to provide them with an opportunity to be more than just an employee, and let them become a part of the business through profit sharing. This culture in the company will help in bringing out the best quality traits in the youth through successive team work and progressive collective growth.

We strongly believe, that our success contributes to our clients’ success!


The Lead Hive was founded with the vision to become the leading foreign exchange contributor in our country. The vision which we have set for us provides us with clear sense of destination and direction. It constructively represents our works in best manner. It acts as a building stone for our company to come together and stand firm. Our vision and our values guide the choices and decisions our employees make every day.


As the company grows, it becomes really important to find a way to cater the already maintained culture with each new hire. The management of the company created a poll to find what the core values should be; which resulted in a list of basic 23 culture ideals. This list provided the basic 8 Core Values that we believe should be the foundation for this Company. The 8 Core Values continue to guide The Lead Hive culture today in everything from hiring to firing:

Integrity Punctuality Respect Dedication Responsibility Friendliness Hygiene Sharing


We pride ourselves in the highest standards of practice in both quality and compliance. These reflect in our core values and are instilled in the mindset of every employee.


Our calls are constantly monitored through an advanced software to ensure that our compliance and DNC policy is followed. We DO NOT compromise when it comes to our DNC policy!


Every call that goes through our servers is recorded for quality assurance purposes. Not only that, but these recordings also help us in evaluating our employees on a daily basis.


Coaching is necessary to make any organization successful. Here, coaching sessions are conducted regularly and are considered mandatory for all employees for their skill advancement.


Evaluation is carried out on weekly and monthly basis. The team supervisor assesses the performance of the team members and convey the performance report to the higher officials.


Personal development sessions are organized timely to ensure that the employees are developing such personality traits that would help them be a better human being.


Meetings are conducted every month to encourage improvement and growth. Every employee is evaluated and appraised accordingly depending upon their performance.


Performance bonuses play a vital role increasing an individual's output in terms of quality and quantity of work. The employees with the most quality hours deserve to be rewarded.

about us

Who Are We?

The Lead Hive specializes in providing peerless offshore cohesive IT and Telemarketing services to the Communications/Marketing industry in US using multiple channel resources. We act as an integral part of our clients’ operations & ensure success for our clients through an effective blend of a skilled team, extensive product knowledge and a persistent quest for quality.

The Lead Hive was founded to provide Quality services upholding industry’s standards by a group of Entrepreneurs and senior management people who bring with them years of professional experience in the fields of BPO & Marketing industry. It is our goal to help our clients understand and build the value of their customer relationships through knowledge-based marketing.

We are also committed to providing our employees with a positive work environment with the potential for growth and development.

Why Us?

At The Lead Hive, outsourcing is not about cost cutting, its essentially ensuring that our clients achieve their ROI by reaching their target audience timely and efficiently than their competitors.

At The Lead Hive we strongly believe, that our clients’ success is paramount to our success!

Qualified Workforce

Our clients access our world-class expertise through a team of highly qualified professionals, with in-depth training, ongoing professional development, performance-driven programs, and a demonstrated retention strategy; our staff is well-versed in both outsourcing best practices and in our clients' business practices, culture, and needs.

Domain Expertise

Our processes and solutions are designed to support companies of any size with their essential non-core outsourcing needs. Our best-practices approach spans all industries with dedicated teams that draw upon the resources of the corporation, but operate as independent business units - a small company approach that translates to responsive service and a genuine commitment to exceeding our clients' expectations.

Customer Focus

Customer satisfaction resonates throughout the entire organization. From customer service representatives to developers and from the client services team to the executive team, each employee is educated on the importance of consistently delivering the high quality of customer contact our clients require. We determine the best techniques and solutions for measuring customer satisfaction, which can include our own as well as third-party and client-based systems. We offer real-time call monitoring so that our customers - and our own team - can survey the effectiveness of our people and measure customer satisfaction.

Results Driven Culture

Whether exceeding client revenue goals through accounts receivable management or improving customer satisfaction and loyalty through customer relationship management, our team of customer contact professionals make, exceeding client expectations their number one goal. Our incentive based culture ensures that the team is highly motivated to reach our clients' objectives and provide the top quality customer contact they require.

our work

TLH's Expertise on Solar:

Despite of having vast experience on a wide array of campaigns, our Bread & Butter is Solar Energy.

We know, making a change to solar can be difficult and requires extensive convincing. We can safely say that we are capable to provide solar consultation at every step, from a basic lead generation to sale, thereby creating a planet run by Sun!

For Team TLH, Solar is not only a business prospect, but a passion to save our Mother Earth. It’s a win/win for us, Tree Huggers.

We have 500+ satisfied customers to our credits, and still counting…

What we do

Call Center Services (outbound + inbound):

Callback Settings

We generate hot leads for our clients by identifying prospects that are interested. We establish an understanding with the customers before forwarding the leads.

appointment settings

Our appointment setting services offers flexible and effective appointment setting solutions. So our clients can focus on the big picture of growing their business.

live transfers

Our live transfer services save the client valuable time. We sift through potential customers and hand over only those customers that are willing to buy.

direct sales

It is a fact that loyalty can be gained on the first customer contact, that is why our sale closing goes to only those agents who have gone through our extensive training programs.


Audio Transcription is the transformation of verbal and audio materials into text. We specialize in the transcription of multiple fields like interviews, service bookings, insurance reports etc.

inbound tech support

Here at The Lead Hive, we provide both technical and non-technical support over the phone. We manage your customers with patience and professionalism, thus ensuring customer retention.

Our Not So Limited IT Services:

Android Programming

We build highly scalable android apps for our clients that help us provide innovative mobile solutions that deliver high returns on investment.

software development

We focus on developing diverse softwares that offer flexible and effective solutions, so that our clients may focus on the big picture of growing their business.

game development

The gaming industry has unmeasurable potential. Here we assist you in exploiting that potential and creating larger than life experiences for game fanatics.

animation & logo design

Creating an animation or designing a logo is quite the task. It takes a lot of effort and an artistic mindset to bring the ideas to life. We have all you need to make your ideas look even better.

search engine optimization

We work hard to provide everything you need to grow your business and get ahead of your competition online. We aim to be a one stop web shop, for the life of your business.

content writing

Whatever industry you are in, you need expert writers who can engage your audience. We’ll find those writers for you. Whatever your content needs are, we’ve got you covered!

Compliance & DNC Policy

Regarding The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (and Do Not Call List)

Regulatory Summary

The federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and related FCC regulations shield consumers from unwanted telemarketing. The TCPA defines telemarketing as the initiation of a telephone call or fax for the purpose of encouraging the purchase or investment in property, goods or services, which is transmitted to any prospective customer at a residence. The TCPA governs cold calls, prerecorded sales calls, and the use of autodialers, fax machines and other telemarketing strategies.

The TCPA mandates that telemarketers:

1) Maintain a Do Not Call Policy
2) Promptly provide a copy of the Policy to requesting consumers
3) Only make calls between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. (local time of the person being called)
4) Identify the caller name, company name and caller location
5) Maintain and comply with a company “do not call” list derived from the federal “do not call” registry
6) Honor a consumer’s request made during a call to place the consumer’s name on the “do not call” list
7) Transmit caller ID information
8) Not abandon outbound calls

The Lead Hive checks telephone numbers on our calling lists against the DNC lists that we obtain from various sources, or we document why that person may be contacted without checking the DNC lists. We honor the relevant portions of the national DNC list each month.

We retain company-specific DNC requests for a minimum of 5 years. We have trained our employees that are engaged in telephone marketing on these policies and procedures and we require our employees to follow them at all times.

There are strict penalties for noncompliance with the TCPA. Violations may subject an agent or employee to such penalties, as well as contract termination, employment termination and other discipline.

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We are looking for enthusiastic experienced (minimum 1 year) telesales executives for our USA based campaigns. Apply now!




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We are happy to announce the opening of our second branch on Murree Road. Visit us between 7PM-4AM for walk-in interviews and be part of our winning team!

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